Dec 8 2015 - 8:00pm
DEC 8-13

Regarded as “a composer possessed of both rich imagination and the skill to bring his fancies to life”, Matthew Welch studied composition with Barry Truax, Rodney Sharman, Alvin Lucier and Anthony Braxton. Mr. Welch’s musical adventures and collaborative spirit have brought him to work with some of today’s most noted musical personalities, sustaining working relationships with experimental music staple Alvin Lucier and MacArthur recipient Anthony Braxton, his previous mentors, and a host of other esteemed artists, such as MacArthur recipient John Zorn, Bang on a Can Co-Director Julia Wolfe, Zeena Parkins, and Ikue Mori. His third disc of his own music, Dream Tigers (Tzadik, 2005), containing his critically lauded string quartet, Siubhal Turnlar, made both Time Out New York’s classical and non-classical top-ten CD lists.


12/8 Tuesday (SV)
8 pm
Cantata Profana plays Welch
Jacob Ashworth (violin, conductor) Kate Maroney (mezzo-soprano) John Taylor Ward (baritone) Hannah Collins (cello) Arash Noori (guitar) Gleb Kanasevich (clarinet) Doug Perry (percussion) Dan Schlosberg (piano)
Canata Profana plays work from Welch’s catalogue of chamber music, including the premiere of Welch’s “Dhammapada Cantata” featuring text from the Buddha.

10 pm
Suzana Bartal Plays the Piano Music of Welch
Suzana Bartal (piano)
Romanian born and Paris residing Bartal is a brilliant young pianist. She presents a program of Welch’s solo piano music, including the premiere of Welch’s “12 Etudes for solo piano.”

12/9 Wednesday (DDT)
8 pm
Matthew Welch
Matthew Welch (solo bagpipes)

10 pm
The Library of Babel
Brendon Randall-Myers (electric guitar) Matthew Welch (bagpipes) Brian Chase (drums, electronics)
Shredding and tremulous micro-rhythms of perpetual bagpipe ornamentation and electric guitar heavy metal tapping make the surface of this monolithic and ever expanding polytonal plane. Welch’s piece is inspired by the by the infinitely repeating architecture and books in Jorge Luis Borges’s “The Library of Babel.”

12/10 Thursday (JB)
8 pm
Clocks In Motion plays the percussion works of Welch
Sean Kleve, Dave Alcorn, Michael Koszewski, James McKenzie (percussion) Matthew Welch (bagpipes)
Young and hungry percussion wizards from the Madison, Wisconsin make their New York debut in a program dedicated to Welch’s classical percussion compositions. Featuring a premiere for bagpipes and percussion quartet. TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Dan Friel and Matthew Welch
Dan Friel (electric guitar) Matthew Welch (bagpipes)
Dan and Matt worked together in Dan’s indie band, Parts and Labor, blending their compatible approaches to sound color, melody and texture. First time as a duo!

12/11 Friday (SC)
8 pm
Matthew Welch (bagpipes, sax, voice) Will Northlich-Redmond (electric guitar) Ian Riggs (bass guitar) Brian Chase (drums)
Welch’s long-time ensemble presents the New York premiere of Welch’s “The Finger Lock.” TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Will Northlich-Redmond and Matthew Welch
Will Northlich-Redmond (electric guitar) Matthew Welch (reeds)
Only madness will ensue once exposed to such face-melting intense music making.

12/12 Saturday (HM)
8 pm
Matthew Welch’s “And Here We Are” with Blarvuster and Mantra Percussion
Kate Maroney (mezzo-soprano) Daniel Neer (baritone) Ben Holmes (trumpet) (clarinet) Joe Bergen (vibraphone) Al Cerulo (percussion) Jude Traxler (percussion) Emily Manzo (piano) Ian Riggs (bass guitar) Brian Chase (drums) Matthew Welch (conductor)
Experiments in Opera presents Welch’s full-length opera in progress, And Here We Are. This new work explores imprisonment and the impact of cultural collisions. The story covers Welch’s family’s internment in the Santa Tomas concentration camp in WWII Philippines. The text focuses on the horrifying accounts of his great-uncle Edgar, an opera singer isolated by his move to Asia and internment (1942-45). Featuring Welch’s long-time ensemble Blarvuster with Mantra percussion. TWENTY DOLLARS

10 pm
Matthew Welch, Jeremiah Cymerman, Toby Driver
Matthew Welch (sax) Jeremiah Cymerman (clarinet) Toby Driver (bass)
We play the most melancholy music in the world.

12/13 Sunday (JASV)
8 pm
Matthew Welch’s compositions for Balinese Gamelan
Gamelan Dharma Swara, gamelan
Featuring Welch and NYC’s Gamelan Dharma Swara. Welch re-interprets the ritual of death and the afterworld through a cross-cultural re-mapping of ancient bagpipe funeral laments. In his composition Bhima Swarga, he uses evocations of ancient Balinese cremation gamelans, all on a modern Balinese Gamelan Semara-Dana. The program includes key traditional works as context. TWENTY DOLLARS