Matthew Welch and Blarvuster, CD Release Concert December 8 at Zebulon


Dec 8 2010 - 8:15pm
Williamsburg - Brooklyn cafe club Zebulon hosts Matt Welch's Blarvuster project, which can now be heard on its debut CD on Tzadik.  Matthew Welch, young composer, saxophonist and virtuoso piper who has discovered the hidden nexus of the Celtic and Balinese musical traditions, has released his second CD for Tzadik, which presents two exciting new projects: a beautifully orchestrated opera expanding on the language of minimalism with honesty and originality, and his dynamic touring band Blarvuster, which blends the complex skirls and rhythmic subtleties of the Highland pipes with a vibrant rock sensibility. On December 8th, Blarvuster will perform with the Dave Crowell Ensemble and Ches Smith.