Le Balcon performs new works by Orlando Garcia and Jean-Luc Herve, plus work by Gerard Grisey and more, April 12, Miami


Apr 12 2011 - 7:30pm
Le BalconLe BalconNew Music Miami Festival: On Tuesday night at the FIU School of Music (11200 SW 8 St., Miami, FL 33199), Paris-based ensemble Le Balcon performs new works curated by the ensemble, with NODUS Ensemble. 

Golpe en el diafragma by Juan Pablo Carreño; new work by Jean-Luc Herve new work by Orlando Jacinto Garcia and Vortex temporum by Gerard Grisey

Le Balcon is a Paris-based ensemble dedicated to the interpretation of music through the amplification of acoustic instruments.

The ensemble has numerous aims: to stimulate writing for amplified acoustic instruments and to rethink the aesthetic of the concert, seeking new methods of production, interpretation, and configuration. Their repertoire also includes traditional works whose instrumental and acoustic characteristics bring out the interplay of this aesthetic.