Lansing McLoskey winner, and Brian Fennelly runner-up by the Red Note Music Festival Competition, 2014


Apr 3 2014 - 12:00am

The judging for the RED NOTE New Music Festival Composition Competition - Category A (Chamber Ensemble) has now concluded.  There were 355 anonymous submissions from around the world.  Initial rounds were judged by members of the Music Composition faculty at Illinois State University.  The final round was judged by the esteemed composers: Lei Liang (University of California, San Diego), David Rakowski (Brandeis University), and Barbara White (Princeton University)

The results of the competition (Category A) are as follows:

Specific Gravity: 2.72, by Lansing McLoskey (Miami, FL)

Trial and Error, by Ricardo Eizirik (Zurich, Switzerland)
Skyscapes III, by Brian Fennelly (Kingston, NY)

Series Imposture, by David Bird (New York, NY)
Tethered Within, by Nina C. Young (New York, NY)
Albertson-Variations, by Paolo Longo (Trieste, Italy)

Mr. McLoskey's winning work will be performed on April 3, 2014, on the final concert of the 2014 RED NOTE New Music Festival in Normal, IL.