Jan Gilbert's In the Beginning to be performed at Salisbury Symphony - children's concert October 27th


Oct 27 2012 - 3:00pm
The Salisbury Symphony Orchestra Children's Concert features In the Beginning, a Native American legend from the Tlingit Tribe of the Northwest Coast, composed for narrator and orchestra by Minnesota-based composer Jan Gilbert. The concert is in Holloway Hall at 3pm on Saturday, Oct. 27th. 1101 Camden Ave. · Salisbury, Maryland. Jeffrey Schoyen will conduct the orchestra, with Jackie Lew, narrator.

The story of Raven and Ganook comes from the Alaskan Native culture of the Tlingit Tribe. This story centers on how Raven tricks Ganook and brings water to the earth people.

The narration is interspersed with orchestral sections: The Soft Darkness, Raven Arrives, The Ghosts, The Fish, Calypso, The Magic Spring, Raven's Waltz, Storytelling by the Fire, Bossa Nova, Raven's Escape, The Wobbly Flight and The Creation of the Crooked Rivers. More information and a listening sample of the work is here.