International Alliance for Women in Music - IAWM Journal features Marilyn Shrude


Jan 1 2013 - 12:00am

Guggenheim Fellow, 2011Marilyn ShrudeGuggenheim Fellow, 2011The Journal of the IAWM, vol. 18 no. 2 (2012) highlights Guggenheim Fellow, composer Marilyn Shrude in its winter issue. As a composer in academia, Shrude juggles a mixture of shifting activities: composing, performing, writing articles, teaching, and administration. In 2011, Marilyn Shrude was among the 180 scholars, scientists, and artists to receive the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship in 2011, a grant “intended for men and women who have already demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive research or exceptional creativity in the arts.”   Since the Fellowship’s inception in 1925, approximately 600 composers have received the recognition, beginning with Aaron Copland. In 2011, ACA composer Louis Karchin was also honored with the Fellowship.

Shrude counts Lutoslawski, Berio, Cage, Debussy, Messiaen, and Bach among the composers who have inspired her stylistic development. Mary Natvig writes a fascinating and comprehensive portrait of the early years and musical development of Guggenheim Fellow, Marilyn Shrude.