Infinity Avenue - music of Robert Carl at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Feb. 5


Feb 5 2017 - 3:00pm

An afternoon of new music composed by The Hartt School composition faculty members Robert Carl and Ken Steen.

Robert Carl – Infinity Avenue
Ken Steen – Assumption

Robert Carl

“Robert Carl’s music, to my ear at least, has always felt like the work of a particularly sensitive sonic observer of the world. Originally a student of history before he refocused his efforts into music, his interest in time, memory, and space are veins running through his compositions, his work more given to conjuring imagery than narrative plot. And whether inspiration is mined in the wake of a seascape or travelers on a speeding bullet train, the resulting music tends to carry a distinct organic beauty and rich, encompassing depth.” ~ Julia Lu, NewMusicBox


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~ notes from the composer on Infinity Avenue

Infinity Avenue is an ongoing project now entering its second year. It unites an interest in alternative tuning with open-ended form. It is designed so as to exist in multiple formats. At the core is a patch in MaxMSP that allows for real-time performance and exploration of a world in precise overtone-derived tuning. The materials of this “score” allow for realizations that so far have included the following:

– An installation that may be either directed by a solo performer for any amount of time, or allowed to run semi-automatically.

– A solo performance which can be more precisely structured by a laptop player, allowing for direct choice of pitches, harmonies, and gestures, as well as more automatic fields.

Next up is what will be unveiled at this performance, a version that allows for a small improvising ensemble to interact with the patch.