Hubert Howe's computer-generated "Clusters" to be performed March 26 at the New York City Electronic Music Festival


Mar 25 2010 - 12:00am

The CUNY Graduate Center will host the Second New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival on March 25-27.  Nineteen concerts will feature works by 132 composers from five continents.  

Concerts will take place at the Graduate Center, 365 Fifth Avenue, and at other locations in New York City.

The complete schedule is posted at  The festival web site is   Two late evening events will take place at Galapagos Art Space ( and Issue Project Room ( in Brooklyn.

NYCEMF is sponsored by Meyer Sound. NYCEMF is supported in part by Harvestworks and the CUNY Doctoral Students' Council. Our special thanks go out to David Olan of the Graduate Center Music Department.

The organizing committee for the Festival consists of Prof. Hubert Howe of Queens College, Paul Riker and Zachary Seldess of the CUNY Graduate Center, and Braxton Sherouse of the University of Florida.

See full schedule with"Read More" link


 March 25th - Thursday

 Installations 9:00 AM–7:00 PM

   * Heather Frasch, Post-Industrial Organisms - Room 5409
   * Sam Salem, Pond Life II - Room 5489

 Concert 1: 11:00 AM–12:00 PM, Segal Hall

   * Akira Takaoka, Responsorium
   * Jory Smith, X-Lands
   * Kotoka Suzuki, Epiphyllum Oxypetalum
   * Dan Tramte, Eight Gluons
   * Steve Everett, Shiver

 Concert 2: 2:15 PM–3:15 PM, Segal Hall

   * Keith Hamel, Traces II
   * Peter McKinnon, Pianosophagus
   * Karen Lauke, Copper Vibrations
   * Jorge Sosa, Ariel
   * Yota Kobayashi, Kakusei
   * Christopher Chandler, The Spark of Opposites

 Concert 3: Curated by Robert Dow: 4:00 PM–5:00 PM, Segal Hall
   * Pippa Murphy, Postcard from Paris
   * Robert Dow, Uncertain Memory
   * Diana Simpson, Cipher
   * Alistair MacDonald, Equivalence
   * Pete Stollery, Vox Magna

 Meyer Sound Presentation: 5:00 PM–6:00 PM, Segal Hall
   Peter Otto, presenter

   * Auditory Illusions, Simulations and Hallucinations: A Spatial Audio Update

 Concert 4: 7:15 PM–9:15 PM, Galapagos Art Space

   * Ivica Ico Bukvic, derelicts of time
   * Andrew Walters, Encroachment
   * Christopher Hopkins, The Animus Winds
   * Chelsea Leventhal, Breach
   * Adam Scott Neal, For Tape
   * Krzysztof Wolek, Arguro
   * Joshua Fineberg, The Texture of Time
   * Andrew S. Allen, Leaflet
   * Joshua Clausen, There was a whole, there was beginning, begin there
   * Eric Chasalow, Due (Cinta)mani

 Concert 5: 9:30 PM–1:00 AM, Galapagos Art Space

   * Michael James Olson, Waterstate
   * Shield Your Eyes, Shield Your Eyes
   * Dimitris Lambrianos, Tetraktys
   * Paul Fraser, 8-bit Cycles
   * Thomas Royal, Ruptures
   * Paola Lopreiato, con forze che si svolgono sferiche
   * Yuta Uozumi, biotope
   * Ranjit Bhatnagar, Closing Doors
   * David Hindman / Evan Drummond, Modal Kombat
   * Paul J. Botelho / Russell J. Chartier, CONFINED-10-01-2
   * Hannah R. Gilmour, Chill Before Dawn
   * Nathan Bowen, Iron Rod
   * Howard Kenty, Any Lucky Ten
   * kinan azmeh, walls and towers

 March 26th - Friday

 Installations 9:00 AM–7:00 PM

   * Gary DiBenedetto, Grinding Wheel & Scythe - Elebash Lobby
   * Zachary Seldess, A Head of View - Elebash Lobby

 Concert 6: 11:00 AM–12:00 PM, Segal Hall

   * Christopher Burns, Sawtooth
   * Burton Beerman, INVISIBLE IMAGES
   * Michael Pounds, Recollection
   * Felipe Otondo, Ciguri (2008)
   * Ragnar Grippe, 8th Abstraction
   * Rob Collins, pizz collide

 Concert 7: 1:00 PM–2:00 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Monique Buzzarté, Subtle Winds
   * David Z. Durant, An Owl Drives in the Rain
   * Jeff Stadelman, Song of Itself
   * Jason H. Mitchell, Sk'elep
   * Tom Williams, Can
   * Franke Neumann Ruder Schmidt Weinheimer, Frühjahrszug (Spring Migration)

 Concert 8: The Tornado Project: 2:15 PM–3:15 PM, Segal Hall
 Performed by Esther Lamneck, Clarinet and Elizabeth McNutt, Flute

   * Robert Rowe, Primary Colors
   * Eric Lyon, Trio
   * Paul Wilson, Beneath the Surface
   * Andrew May, Still Angry
   * Ricardo Climent, Russian Disco

 Concert 9: 3:45 PM–4:45 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Javier Alejandro Garavaglia, Pathétique
   * Cort Lippe, Music for Snare Drum and Computer
   * Miguel Chuaqui, Saturniana
   * Ronald Keith Parks, Fractures

 Concert 10: 5:00 PM–6:00 PM, Segal Hall

   * Yen-Ting Cho, Kapsis
   * Mark Zaki, Everything We Say is Deformed
   * Chikashi Miyama, Thrum
   * Claudia Robles, TRAVELOG#1 -Nuit Bleue-
   * Christian Banasik, Ihr Fassen nach Wind
   * Stephen Travis Pope, Jerusalem's Secrets -
     Mass for the New Millennium, Pt. 1
   * Young-Shin Choi, UJO IMU III

 Concert 11: 7:15 PM–9:15 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Anthony Cornicello, Spiral Jetty
   * Judith Shatin, For the Birds
   * Joo Won Park, Decrescendo
   * David Taddie, Licorice Stick Groove
   * monty adkins, veil (fabrications 2 : after Pip Dickens)
   * Ted Coffey, Blue Cycle: Noise
   * John Mallia, Vestibules
   * Hans Tutschku, rojo
   * Hubert Howe, Clusters
   * Izzi Ramkissoon, Domesticated Animalia

 March 27th - Saturday

 Installations 9:00 AM–7:00 PM

   * Jeff Thompson, Glistening Waves - Elebash Lobby

 Concert 12: 10:00 AM–10:45 AM, Elebash Hall

   * Konstantinos Karathanasis, Dionysus
   * Andy Dolphin, ilinx
   * Seung-Hye Kim, The Tightrope Dancer
   * Michael Drews, Infrastructure

 Concert 13: 11:00 AM–12:00 PM, Segal Hall

   * Asha Srinivasan, Alone, Dancing
   * Bruno Ruviaro, Fonepoemas
   * Andrei Foca-Rodi, La Mienne
   * Fred Szymanski, Arkose
   * M. Anthony Reimer, untitledededede
   * Samuel Pellman, M45
   * Oliver Carman, Metamorphosis I
   * Andrew Babcock, Anagoge

 Concert 14: 1:00 PM–2:00 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Philip Schuessler, Supercell
   * Hila Tamir-Ostrover and Iddo Aharony, Kutra Begulma
   * Paul Riker, Commuter
   * Richard Zarou, Ad Vitam Aeternam
   * Judy Klein, railcar
   * Dan VanHassel, Lush Intrinsic

 Concert 15: 2:15 PM–3:15 PM, Segal Hall
 Performed by Arthur Campbell, Clarinet

   * Elizabeth Hoffman, through ripple glass
   * Colby Leider, Twin Prime Conjecture
   * Maurice Wright, Soliloquies; echoes
   * Benjamin Broening, Radiance

 Concert 16: 3:45 PM–4:45 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Chester Udell, Brass Alchemist
   * Richard McCandless, Voyager
   * Jason Bolte, Noises Everywhere
   * John Gibson, Blue Traces
   * Dan Hosken, Dancemad
   * James Paul Sain, redbird express

 Concert 17: 5:00 PM–6:00 PM, Segal Hall

   * Philip White, Quote the Ocean
   * Heather Frasch, métal re-sculpté
   * Travis Garrison, Untitled 2003
   * Bryan Jacobs, A Gentle Ruin
   * Jen-Kuang Chang, Drishti III
   * Douglas Geers, Inanna's Descent
   * David Olan, Alborada for Oboe and Computer-generated Sounds
   * Edgar Barroso, ACU

 Concert 18: 7:15 PM–8:45 PM, Elebash Hall

   * Juraj Kojs, Aiael's Gold
   * Braxton Sherouse, splatter, articulate, recurse
   * James Dashow, Soundings in Pure Duration N.2a
   * Mark Engebretson, SaxMax
   * Ryan Olivier, Metronomic Hommage
   * Yury Spitsyn, Enertia
   * Sebastian Lexer, Dazwischen - An improvisation between the electro - acoustic

 Concert 19: 9:30 PM–11:30 PM, Issue Project Room

   * Jeff Herriott, dissipation of a thought
   * Erik DeLuca, In
   * Paul Schuette, Everything Must Come From Something
   * Steven Snowden, Fathoms
   * Matt Malsky, Thirteen Ways of Listening to a Loudspeaker
   * Andrew Greenwald, Block.flt - (for flute and supercollider) (2009)
   * Paula Matthusen, rosenthaler
   * James Borchers and John Hulsey, 26 Years:1 Week:72 Hours
   * Jorge Variego, "Now that you are here"
   * R. Luke DuBois, Synaesthetic Object
   * Andrew Nemr and Sean Hagerty, Chasing the Train