Elliott Schwartz, album release - 2 tracks - June 5


Jun 5 2018 - 12:00pm

If you haven't listened to music by Elliott Schwartz recently, you're in for a treat. Two gorgeous tracks, the final recordings supervised by the composer in 2016. Grateful thanks to Blair McMillen, Ryan Streber, counter)induction, Emi Ferguson, Doug Balliett, Ben Fingland, Karl Kramer-Johansen, Jacob Rhodebeck, Robert P. Burkhart, Nina Schwartz Kahn, Gisela Gamper. Artwork, woodblock "Daedalus and Icarus" (1957) by Dorothy Schwartz. Download both tracks here for 1.98 or check Spotify for streaming.

Track 1 - Divertimento No. 4 (1980) Scherzo, Aria, Soliloquy, Fixation, Accompanied Cadenza, Rondo; Scherzo
Emi Ferguson, flute
Doug Balliett, contrabass
Blair McMillen, piano
Publisher: Keiser Classical (BMI)

Track 2 - Remembering David: Echo Variations (2012)
Benjamin Fingland, clarinet
Robert Burkhart, cello
Karl Kramer-Johansen, horn
Jacob Rhodebeck, piano
Publisher: American Composers Edition (BMI)
Audio samples of David Gamper, used courtesy of Gisela Gamper