Either/Or ensemble will present the “Cage Party Pieces 100” Oct. 17th Miller Theater


Oct 17 2013 - 8:00pm

Courtesy of the John Cage TrustPhoto by Ross WelserCourtesy of the John Cage TrustOn Thursday, October 17, 8 PM at Miller Theater, the Either/Or ensemble will present the “Cage Party Pieces 100”. Th project originated in Leipzig, and the organizers contacted 125 German and American composers to each write a one-minute piece in honor of John Cage. Each composer was given only the last measure of the previous completed work, and had to send in the finished piece one week later so as to keep the process going. Within the given space, the composers—among them William Bolcolm, Robert Carl, Jason Eckardt, Kamran Ince, Lei Liang, David T. Little, and Keeril Makan—write whatever they please, passing their final measure on to the next composer in line. This new, evening-length work brings together 125 short compositions by 125 different composers, written according to a compositional model created by Cage in 1945.To order tickets online, click here.