Currents - Electronic Music by Various Composers, 1968-2018, album release Dec. 22


Dec 22 2018 - 12:00pm

Complete notes with audio samples here.

On December 22, 2018, ACA presents the worldwide release of "CURRENTS - Electronic Music" a collection of 14 pieces of fixed media works in stereo audio format.  Works on the album cover a 50-year span of time, beginning with 1960s tape pieces yet unreleased, to new works from the past year. All works are by various composers working in the United States in the electroacoustic medium. Natural and synthetic sounds are featured in these pieces which cover a broad range of styles. Help us ring in the new year with this double album (CD and Digital) of music by ACA composers, available on iTunes  and other online services, including Spotify Free, as well as physical CD format. Request review copies at [email protected]  Complete Program notes in PDF format - here.  Complete notes with audio samples here.

1  Preston Trombly - Kinetics I              
2  Preston Trombly    Kinetics II            
3  Robert Scott Thompson - Nullius in Verba           
4  Daria Semegen  - Arabesque                
5  Scott L. Miller  -  SonAR Study I            
6  Matthew Greenbaum  -  Transcendental Assembly     
7  Hubert Howe - Quarter Tone Fantasy              

8  Alice Shields - White Heron Dance              
9  Burton Beerman - Recollections of Gifts          
10  Mark Thome - Interactions                  
11  Joel Gressel -  Private Practice              
12  John Gibson - Almost An Island  -              
13  Arthur Kreiger - Electronic Miniature               
14  Harvey Sollberger - Fanfare Mix Transpose