Connecticut Composers Inc. and American Composers Forum co-present music by Elizabeth R. Austin on “National Composer Night Out,” May 14th


May 14 2015 - 7:30pm


Date and Time: May 14th, 2015 @ 7:30PM

Location: The Universalist Church of West Hartford, 433 Fern St. West Hartford, CT

Tickets: visit for more information



Allen Brings - A Brief Encounter Between Cello and Piano

Camden Archembeau, cello; Allen Brings, piano

Arthur Welwood - Cynara; Text by Ernest Dowson

Robin Ginenthal, soprano; Charles Huang, oboe; Jennifer Elowsky-Fox, piano

Jessica Rudman - Twisted Blue, II

Alex Kollias, clarinet; Elisabeth Tomczyk, piano


Elizabeth R. Austin - Lithuanian Lider; Text by Johannes Bobrowski

Christopher Grundy, baritone; Elizabeth R. Austin, piano

Margaret Collins Stoop - Cybele

Margaret Collins Stoop, flute; Allen Brings, piano

Jesse N. Glaude - Water Sonnets; Text by Kenton Robinson

Phred Mileski, soprano; Jesse Glaude, piano

Frank Vasi - Random Thoughts

The Thimble Island Sax Quartet - David Langlais, soprano, Will Cleary, alto, Frank Vasi, tenor, Tim Moran, baritone sax

David MacBride - The Season

Pi-Hsun Shih, piano

Ryan Jesperson - A Page Out Of Zen; Text by Stephen Campiglio

David Tayloe, tenor; Marko Stuparevic, piano

ACA member Elizabeth R. Austin's
Lithuanian Lieder for baritone & piano (featuring poems by Johannes Bobrowski) will be performed on Thursday, May 14 at 7:30 at the Universalist Church, West Hartford, CT. Christopher Grundy will be singing, with the composer at the piano.

Connecticut Composers Inc., in participation with the American Composers Forum and other organizations across the country, will be hosting a “National Composer Night Out” concert on May 14, 2015. ACF states: “On Thursday, May 14, 2015, composers throughout the United States will be connected physically and virtually in a tapestry of events designed to raise awareness and foster a sense of community for the composers and others who create new music in their area. We call it National Composer Night Out—an evening when composers, performers, producers and fans of new music are invited to host an event of their choosing and/or submit an audio file with a short sound bite of a new piece you're creating. These clips will be mastered into a Musical Paper Chain that will capture the diversity of music being created today.” More information on National Composer Night Out may be found at this link.



Elizabeth R. Austin - Gathering Threads - excerpt