Concerto for Piano and Percussion Orchestra, new music by David Liptak on Innova, Sept. 27


Sep 27 2019 - 12:00pm


Cosmic music for piano
David Liptak

with Eunmi Ko, piano, and
McCormick Percussion Group

Composer Adam Roberts writes about Liptak’s music referencing Greek mythology in this way.

This network of meanings can be found in the music in a variety of ways. In ... “Canis Major and Canis Minor,” which is unique in its referencing two constellations, the starry formations have a direct impact on the musical materials. Taking a cue from the constellations’ names, Liptak uses major and minor triads in playful and unconventional combinations to create nervous, spiky textures as well as contrasting legato, arpeggio lines, ... and perhaps also serving as a depiction of both dogs barking in unison before tumbling over each other in active play. ...