Cameron-Wolfe and Eaton at Grinnell, rescheduled to March 8


Mar 8 2019 - 8:00pm

Violinist Sarah Plum (Music Institute of Chicago) and pianist Gayle Blankenburg (Claremont Colleges) will offer a free concert of contemporary music on Friday, March 8, at 8PM in Grinnell College’s Sebring-Lewis Hall (Grinnell, Iowa), featuring music by ACA composers Richard Cameron-Wolfe (Lilith, 2016) and John Eaton (Piano Variations, 1957/1964). The balance of the program includes music by Eliza Brown, Christian Carey, Lou Harrison, and Jeffrey Mumford.

     Cameron-Wolfe was a student of John Eaton at Indiana University from 1970 to 1974 and will be participating in a forthcoming March 30 John Eaton birthday tribute concert in New York City. In June of this year he will lecture about John Eaton’s unique perspective on microtonalism at the International Ekmelic Society’s “Mikrotone: Small is Beautiful” symposium in Salzburg.

Violinist Sarah Plum and pianist Gayle Blankenburg