Arthur Kreiger's Precious Metals recorded on "Music for Tamtams II" album by Dominic Donato


Sep 1 2018 - 12:00pm

Music for Tamtams II with classical avant-garde works for percussion performed by Dominic Donato, is now available at Spotify, Amazon, CD Baby and all usual online and store outlets. The album includes music by Dominic Donato, the album title track "Precious Metals" by Arthur Kreiger, and John Cage.

Program note: Precious Metals (2012) by Arthur Kreiger - An overwhelming attraction to the sound of vibrating metals eventually led to the creation the musical composition, Precious Metals, (2012) by Arthur Kreiger. Written especially for percussionist Dominic Donato, the ensemble contains both familiar instruments (gongs, cymbals, tam-tams) as well as less familiar ones (a deep, inverted metal wash tub). The electronic soundtrack was realized at the Cummings Electronic and Digital Sound Studio of Connecticut College in New London, CT. Interesting musical noise is the sonic focus of Precious Metals. Timbre, rhythm, and dynamics are at the core of this work. Traditionally pitched elements (melody, harmony, etc.) assume a secondary importance. Dominic Donato presented the premiere performance in November of 2013 at the Conservatory of Music, SUNY Purchase, NY.

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Precious Metals - Arthur Kreiger