Art Songs and Arias, composers-curated event at National Opera Center, 4pm, Oct. 21


Oct 21 2017 - 4:00pm
L to R: Brooks, Austin, Rockmaker, Jacobs, Beerman, Kroeger, Cameron-Wolfe

American Composers Alliance Co-Presents:  Please join us on Saturday, Oct. 21 at 4pm at the National Opera Center/Opera America in New York City (7th Avenue between 28th and 29th St.) as we present an incredible variety of Songs and Arias from our collection. Poetry and texts from the liturgy, Adelbert von Chamisso, Amy Lowell, Elizabeth Barrett Browning,  James Brasfield, Oscar Wilde, and Philip Markowicz are employed by composers Jody Rockmaker, Elizabeth Austin, Richard Cameron-Wolfe, Edward Jacobs, Richard Brooks, Karl Kroeger, and Burton Beerman.  In addition, some of New York's most incredible women will be singing at this concert:  Jacquie Horner-Kwiatek, Lydia McClain, Elisabeth Halliday, Sharon Harms, Gina Cuffari, and Andrea Rae Markowicz.  The concert is free and begins at 4pm on the 7th floor of the National Opera Center's Scorca Hall.  We look forward to seeing you - reception following.

Full program and list of artists scheduled:

Jody Rockmaker
Flutesongs (2017)                               
Jacqueline Horner-Kwiatek, soprano | Laura Falzon, flute

Elizabeth Austin
A Woman’s Love and Life (1999) (FRAUENLIEBE UND –LEBEN)
I.    “Since I have seen him...” II. “He, most wonderful....“ III. “I cannot grasp it....”
II.    IV. “O ring on my finger..” V. “Dearest friend..” VI. “Dream of days gone by..” 
Linda McClain, soprano | Elizabeth R. Austin, piano

Richard Cameron-Wolfe
Mute Hand Muse (2015)                                       
Elisabeth Halliday, soprano | Margaret Lancaster, flute
Gayle Blankenburg, piano

Edward Jacobs
Palladium (2016)                                                 
Sharon Harms, soprano | Steven Beck, piano

Richard Brooks
Impressions (2009)                               
Jacqueline Thompson, soprano | Craig Ketter, piano

Karl Kroeger
King David’s Prayer (2006)                                                   
Gina Cuffari, soprano | Karl Kramer-Johansen, horn
Tom Cuffari, piano

Burton Beerman
Elegy: A Song of Hope                                             
Andrea Rae Markowicz, soprano |Bob Faub, alto saxophone
Celesta Haraszti, dancer


4:00 pm
Saturday Oct. 21
National Opera Center
330 Seventh Ave.  7th Floor
Scorca Hall
No tickets required