Anthology of 21 pieces for solo piano, new edition from ACA


Feb 20 2017 - 12:00pm
All new anthology of music for solo piano from ACA. $24.95 in professional print edition. The Soul of Brevity; Collected and edited by Richard Cameron-Wolfe. Place an order at this page.

H. Leslie Adams - Etude in E Major
Elizabeth R. Austin - Mia Music
Richard Brooks - Caprice No. 5
Richard Cameron-Wolfe - Elegy for Janis
Brian Fennelly - Babbittelle (ohne tonart)
Robert Gibson - Image
Edward Jacobs - Aphorism I
Barbara Jazwinski - Dialoghi
Darleen Mitchell - Hopak
Thomas L. Read - Le jardin mysterieux
Steven Sacco - Fifteen - "for Ahmad Jamal"
Elliott Schwartz - From Wood Vale to High Table
Christopher Shultis - For Rita Angel
Michael Slayton - Litanie
Glenn Stallcop - African Dance
Stephen Suber - Variation on "Haec Dies"
Robert Scott Thompson Entropy II
Nancy Van de Vate - Blind Man's Buff
Roger Vogel - Moment
Samuel Wellman - Night Meowsic
Donald M. Wilson - Icicles