Amphibian Concert Series, "Visual Music" Roerich Museum, NYC, April 16, and April 30


Apr 16 2015 - 7:30pm
The first Amphibian concert of the season is on next Thursday April 16 at 7:30 at the Nicholas Roerich Museum (319 W107th St.).  SPEAKmusic performs in a remarkably varied program that includes Mario Davidovsky, Dmitri Shostakovich and his little-known but brilliant student, Boris Tischchenko; Also, the US premiere of Shigenobu Nakamura's Noh-influenced visual music piece, Kyozon; Rob Sbar's scoring of Hans Richter's dada masterpiece Ghosts Before Breakfast, and ending with David Holzman playing the Wolpe Passacaglia. We will also show Eliska Cilkova's visual music pieces made from radioactive pianos at Chernobyl, plus works by Haleh Abgheri, Carlos Johns-Davila, and Duncan Neilson. 

The second concert on April 30 will feature music by Jonathan Kramer, Matthew Greenbaum, Jeffrey Mumford, and G.F. Haas.  Guest Artist: Stephanie Griffin, viola. 


Matthew Greenbaum, Co-curator; composer
Deborah Bradley-Kramer, Co-curator; pianist



Amphibian is an ongoing visual music series based at the HiArt Gallery in Chelsea and curated by composer Matthew Greenbaum (Temple University) and Deborah Bradley-Kramer, pianist and Lecturer I n Music at Columbia University.

The goal of Amphibian is to encourage collaboration between composers and visual a rtists, particularly animators. The proposed collaboration will pair video/animation artists at Temple’s Tyler School of the Arts with SPEAKmusic’s musicians and composers from Columbia University and Temple University. In addition, AMPHIBIAN has been showing early experimental films with new scores and all composers are welcome to take part in this. April 30 2015 AMPHIBIAN at the Nicholas Roerich Museum 319 W 107 th Street between Broa dway and West End Admission free 8:00 P.M. Guest Artist: Stephanie Griffin, viola Deborah Bradley-Kramer, piano Joseph Morag, violin

Program April 16:

Guest Artist: David Holzman, piano
Deborah Bradley-Kramer, piano

Mario Davidovsky: Electronic Study #3
Rob Sbar/Hans Richter: Ghosts before breakfast
Carlos Davila: La Huaconada
Shigenobu Nakamura: Kyozon
Haleh Abgheri: Face
Eliska Cilkova:  Pripyat Piano: The Zone of  Chernobyl: Piano in apartment I and Torsos of non-playing pianos


Dmitri Shostakovich Fugue in a minor
Boris Tishchenko:  Sonata "Eureka"
Duncan Neilson: Dreamhorses (NY premiere)
Stefan Wolpe:  Passacaglia for piano

April 30 program:

G.F. Haas “... aus freier Lust ...verbunden ..."(viola solo)
Anthony Ciesielka Happily Fused and Happily Defused,(viola sola)
Akira Takaoka TBA (viola)
Matthew Greenbaum  Saturday Night Fights (viola/video)
Jeffrey Mumford  Wending (viola solo)


Heather Mease  wouldn’
Benjamin Safran/Hans Richter  Filmstudie
Chason Goldfinger  Make of Yourself a Light  (piano, video)
Jonathan Kramer  Music for Piano V  with composer’s newly discovered arts slides