Alice Shields, Joel Gressel: Electronic Musc Concert at National Opera Center, APNM, April 12


Apr 12 2018 - 7:30pm

APNM presents works for live interactive electronics, fixed audio and video and live instruments with Barry Crawford, flute; Sam Wells, trumpet and Tatjana Rankovich, piano Matthew  Burtner: Flute Code  (flute and live electronics)

Stephen Dydo: Atalanta Fugiens: As above, so below

Joel Gressel: From an Undisclosed Location  (video by Michael Bergmann)
William Lamkin: Resistance of Memory  (fixed audio)*
Andrew Lovett: Let’s Talk (fixed audio)*
Michal Massoud: Vulgaritka (flute and fixed audio)
Wil Pertz: Spring (video, fixed audio)*

Ionel Petröi: Concerto for Piano and Electronics No.1

Alice Shields: Electronic Scenes from Mass for the Dead, a ghost opera
Sam Wells: Strange Pilgrims: Light is Like Water

National Opera Center/Opera America
330 Sevnth Ave. 7th Floor
New York, NY