Unique gift idea: The ACA Bulletin 1952-65; Set of 12 postcards

To support the ACA historical preservation project, donors of $75 or more will receive a set of 12 historical ACA Bulletin postcards, with matching envelopes. The ACA Bulletin covers of the 1950s and 60s featured modern drawings of American composers, and colorful abstract designs. Place an order by using the "donate" link on this page, or contact ACA.

This set (1) of post-card size cover reproductions  features the composers Ben Weber, Otto Luening, Henry Cowell, George Perle, Gordon Binkerd, Ulysses Kay, Charles Ives, Wallingford Riegger, Arthur Berger, Robert McBride, Vivian Fine, Edwin Gerschefski, and Daniel Pinkham.