Tales of the Netsilik in a multi-media event

Tales of the Netsilik, ACA composer Ray Luedeke's orchestra piece with narration, received a stand-out performance on Thursday, August 6th with the National Academy Orchestra, conductor Boris Brott in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The narrator was Chief Ava Hill of the Six Nations near Brantford, Ontario. She is a remarkable women and a great advocate for First Nations causes. She is a great orator and recently addressed the United Nations. The performance was augmented with visuals and acrobats A review appeared in Ontario Arts Review

"The Netsilik” narrated by Chief Ava Hill of the Grand River Six Nations. The two aerialists appeared for ‘How We Know About Animals’ and were an integral part of the story telling. Chief Hill did a brilliant job of narrating the Inuit stories and her voice plus the music & the visuals all combined in riveting storytelling. This was the stand-out in an excellent night."