Richard Cameron-Wolfe featured at Cal Arts forum "Flute, Piano, and Voice" Jan. 11

Rachel RudichOn January 11, the California Institute of the Arts School of Music presented a Forum titled "Flute, Piano, and Voice", led by CalArts faculty member Rachel Rudich and featuring the music of composer Richard Cameron-Wolfe. Flutist Rachel Rudich, pianist Gayle Blankenburg, and soprano Stephanie Aston performed three works of Cameron-Wolfe featuring extended techniques and unconventional sonic vocabularies: "An Inventory of Damaged Goods" (2015; piano), "Kyrie(Mantra)II" (1976; microtonal flute and prepared piano), and the 2015 micro-opera "Mute Hand Muse" (soprano, alto & bass flutes, and piano). Throughout this Forum, the performers engaged the audience in a discussion of Cameron-Wolfe's sound-world and aesthetic vision.