Orlando Jacinto García featured in Chamber Music Magazine, January/February 2012 issue

Chamber Music Magazine, Vol. 29.1 Jan/Feb 2012Chamber Music Magazine, Vol. 29.1 Jan/Feb 2012Composer/Author Kyle Gann profiles composer Orlando Jacinto García in this month's issue of Chamber Music, a magazine publication of Chamber Music America. Gann, who has written several books on American music, the latest of which is No Such Thing as Silence: John Cage's 4'33" (Yale U Press), notes that while García's music tends to inhabit the sound world of the music of his teacher, Morton Feldman, García's music is more rhythmically dynamic. García's Silencios Imaginados (2001) for the "Pierrot" ensemble (perf materials available from ACA), Gann counts among his favorites by Garcia, citing the use of sparse textures, "avoiding conventional virtuosity...."