New CD of TROMBONE works with music by Karl Kroeger, featuring Brad Edwards, trombone; MSR Classics


A new CD from MSR Classics, "Trombone and..."  features concert Duets with Voice, Marimba, Horn, Saxophone and Trumpet; featuring music by Clarence Barber, Brad Edwards, Gordon Goodwin, Karl Kroeger, and Inez McComas. Featured performers include BRAD EDWARDS, trombone; TINA MILHORN STALLARD, soprano; SCOTT HERRING, marimba; MARTHA EDWARDS, horn; CLIFFORD LEAMAN, alto saxophone; and JAMES ACKLEY, trumpet.

With a style that has been variously described as “passionate,” “fiercely vigorous,” and even “humorous,” Brad Edwards has appeared as a soloist before audiences around the country. His solo credits include radio and television broadcasts, premieres of new music, guest recitals at colleges and regional workshops and concertos with student and professional orchestras and wind ensembles. He was a featured soloist and recitalist with the United States Army Band at the Eastern Trombone Workshop in Washington D.C. As a member of the United States Air Force Concert Band there, he was twice featured as a soloist.

Karl Kroeger studied at the University of Louisville and University of Illinois with George Perle and Gordon Binkerd, and at Brown University. He was a professor at the University of Colorado in Boulder from 1982 to 1999. His awards include the Ostwald prize from the American Bandmasters Association, the Rita Soslund String Quartet prize, and several awards from the National Endowment for the Humanities. Tres Psalmi Davidis for Soprano and Trombone, was composed for Jeff Reynolds and his wife Jeanne, who gave the first performance of the work in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1981. Kroeger's work is also avaiable for Soprano and Horn, from ACA.