Martin Boykan's new release: Music for Piano (1986-2007)

Martin Boykan has released a new CD entitled Music For Piano (1986-2007), available now on Bridge Records. Pianist Donald Berman’s recording of Martin Boykan’s piano music gives passionate voice to the music of one of America’s most undervalued composers. Berman describes the music as: "..lyrical, yet atonal; melodic, yet with wide leaps in register; it sustains over large expanses, yet has quick inner pulsing."

Berman describes his encounter with Boykan’s music: "At the start I was awed by the diamond-like purity of individual moments, daunted by the complex counterpoint…it was music that lived in my head for a long time after performing it. It is deeply personal."

Music For Piano (1986-2007)

Compositions by Martin Boykan

Performed by Donald Berman


Usurpations (1997)

I. For Richard Swift

II. For David Rakowski

III. For Edward Cohen

IV. For Ross Bauer

V. To the memory of Seymour Shifrin


Sonata No. 3: to the memory of Edward Cohen (2007)

I. Eulogy

II. Fantasy

III. Lament

IV. Invocation


Towards the Horizon (2007)

I. Moment of Angels

II. Pastorale

III. Atmospheric Disturbances

IV. Arlene Zallman: In Memoriam

V. Horizon Line


Fantasy-Sonata (1986)

Un poco largamente con rubato - quasi lento - subito più mosso