Making Music for Modern Dance - Ed. Katherine Teck - book release by Oxford University Press

Making Music for Modern Dance
Collaboration in the Formative Years of a New American Art
Edited by Katherine Teck

--First book to bring together first-hand accounts by both leading choreographers and their composers
--Offers a unique look at the evolution of music for modern dance in a chronological way with original insights and commentary from major artists who were in the forefront of modern dance and music for modern dance

Composers and choreographers highlighted include a diverse array - Wallingford Riegger, Lehman Engel, Woody Guthrie, Aaron Copland, Norman Cazden, Vivian Fine, John Cage, Lou Harrison, Doris Humphrey, the Bennington School of Dance, and Otto Luening. Also included is an essay on Henry Cowell's concept of "elastic form" in this chronicle of the era of modern dance and its close collaboration with living composers.