John Gibson's new album TRACES, released on Innova

Traces, a new recording of electroacoustic music by John Gibson is now available on the Innova label.

Whether it’s the scrape of a kitchen knife or the cacaphony of a street scene, composer John Gibson brings everyday sounds into his musical orbit. “Thrum” and “Slumber” take notes played on familiar acoustic instruments and assemble them into hypnotic grooves and atmospheric textures. “Day Trip” draws on heavily processed soundscape recordings from New York’s Chinatown, and “Driptick” orchestrates the clash of incompatible speeds projected by the sounds of dripping faucets and ticking clocks.

For the rest of the album, pianist Kati Gleiser, cellist Craig Hultgren, and brass duo Brett Shuster and Michael Tunnell join Gibson in studio recordings of pieces they commissioned.
John Gibson grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, where he played guitar in rock and jazz bands before gravitating toward contemporary classical music. After an early focus on purely instrumental genres, he began to compose electroacoustic music, which he often combines with instrumental soloists or ensembles. Among his works are pieces for laptop ensemble, video, chorus and electronics, and sinfonietta with laptops. His musical interests encompass repetition, noise, urban and natural soundscapes, algorithmic composition, and references to vernacular music. His compositions have received performances by the London Sinfonietta, the Da Capo Chamber Players, the Seattle Symphony, Speculum Musicae, and at numerous festivals, including Bourges Synthèse, Seoul International Computer Music, Brazilian Symposium on Computer Music, as well as many SEAMUS and ICMC conferences. Significant awards include a Guggenheim Fellowship, a Charles Ives Scholarship from the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters, and the Paul Jacobs Memorial Fund Commission from the Tanglewood Music Center.