Jazz Loft = Music of Hall Overton = Essay and upcoming performance by Ethan Iverson, May 26th

Panel discussion - Hall Overton: Out of the Shadows


In reference to our upcoming Giant Half Steps concert at Spectrum on Thursday, May 26th, jazz artist-composer-music writer Ethan Iverson has completed his essay on ACA composer Hall Overton. I contacted Ethan after seeing the Hall Overton:Out of the Shadows symposium online, in which much of the (ACA published) oeuvre of Hall Overton was being discussed by a panel including Iverson, Joel Sachs, Steve Reich, and Carman Moore. I watched the entire fascinating symposium, with Iverson leading the panel and even performing Polarities, a short piano work by Overton.  At ACA, we had received unexpected licensing income for the use of Hall Overton's Viola Sonata in the documentary film The Jazz Loft According to W. Eugene Smith, and with this funding I sought to schedule a concert that would feature this composer, and to invite Iverson to curate and perform, and here we are.  I invite you to read this fascinating article by an internationally recognized jazz artist, from his point of view, and of course, to be with us next Thursday evening when he performs the Overton Sonata live at Spectrum, on an amazing program of music from the American Composers Edition catalog, including Of Shadows Numberless by Miriam Gideon, to be performed by acclaimed jazz artist-composer Jeremy Siskind.  -Gina Genova, American Composers Alliance