High Praise for Louis Karchin's Jane Eyre "warmth, beauty" - Center for Contemporary Opera

Jennifer Zetlan and Ryan MacPherson in the Center for Contemporary Opera’s production of Louis Karchin’s “Jane Eyre.” photo by Emon Hassan for The New York Times. "Karchin tells the story through the orchestra, as much as the singers, with their words. This is a symphonic opera as much as a vocal one. Karchin writes like a man who has lived with opera, although Jane Eyre is only his second.."  "The title role, Jane Eyre, is a big soprano role, a tour de force. It was created—i.e., premiered—by Jennifer Zetlan..." "Karchin’s Jane Eyre is an old-fashioned opera, bold in its aim, unblushing about opera’s traditions." - Jay Nordlinger, The New Criterion, Dec. 2016