Happy Birthday to Burr Van Nostrand, December 30th

Rehearsal of "Voyage in a White Building"Rehearsal of "Voyage in a White Building"Burr Van Nostrand celebrates his birthday this year with planning and advising for the upcoming concert retrospective of his works to be presented at the New England Conservatory on Sunday, April 22, 2012.

Congratulations to NEC student Jason Belcher on his Entrepreneurial Musicianship Grant in support of this concert event. The driving force behind the resurrection of Van Nostrand's majestic and timeless music, Belcher has assembled many of the performers who premiered Van Nostrand's works in the 1970s, and who will be coaching and working with the students to prepare this upcoming concert. Read about this concert project here.

Composer (and cellist) Burr Van Nostrand was born in 1945, and recieved his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees from the New England Conservatory. He also studied in San Diego with Jonathan Glasier and also with Howard Brubeck.

The 'happening' that was the rehearsal for Van Nostrand's monumental Voyage in a White Building is captured in this photo from 1972. His works have been performed world-wide.

Happy Birthday to Burr, from ACA!