Emil Awad's music presented in NAFTA Tour

Marsyas Productions  NAFTA Tour presented new & recent works by Emil Awad (Mexico), Ángel Mendez Barrios (Mexico), Stephen Chatman (Canada), Frank Brickle (Canada), Luke Gopnik-Parker (USA), Daniel Conant (USA), and Charles Wuorinen (USA), and others. In addition to the Tenri concert in New York, the NAFTA Tour included presentations at the 3rd Street Music School, NYC; Bennington College, Vermont; and Queens College, CUNY.  Emil Awad's USA premiere of Fouad for guitar solo was played by Angel Mendez, and his piano solo Sonatita was played by Joan Forsyth.

The NAFTA Concert March 13,  took place at theTenri Cultural Institute in NYC and featured composers and performers from Mexico, the US, and Canada including first performance of Charles Wuorinen’s Electric Quartet.  Artists for this series included soprano Sharon Harms, guitar soloists Ángel de Jesus Mendez Barrios, Kyle Miller, Pascual Araujo, baritone Rodrigo Vega, pianist Joan Forsyth, Bodies Electric (electric guitar quartet), Sheer Pluck (guitar orchestra).


Luke Gopnik-Parker:
I. , II. , III.
-for Sheer Pluck guitar orchestra

Nick Anton:
Gantry Plaza
-Kyle Miller, guitar soloist

Emil Awad:
-Ángel Mendez Barrios

Frank Brickle:
Ab nou cor

Stephen Chatman:
Five Songs (Miriam Waddington)
-soprano Sharon Harms, pianist Joan Forsyth (Canada)

William Anderson:
Poema harmonico
-Ángel Mendez Barrios

Daniel Conant:
Personals (texts by Greg Nissan)
-ft. Baritone Rodrigo Vega, accompanied by the composer on guitar

Ángel Mendez Barrios:
Tema Variado y Finale
-performed by the composer

Michael Donovan:
Three and a Half of These
-Pascual Araujo, guitar soloist

Charles Wuorinen:
-William Anderson & Kyle Miller

Charles Wuorinen:
Electric Quartet
-Bodies Electric
(John Chang, Oren Fader, Daniel Lippel, William Anderson)