Elliot Schwartz's "Jefferson Cadenza: Soliloquy and Remembrance" performed at Vanderbilt University

Jefferson Cadenza: Soliloquy and Remembrance also to be performed at the National Portrait Gallery in London

Peter Sheppard Skaeved performs at the National Portrait Gallery in LondonPeter Sheppard Skaeved performs at the National Portrait Gallery in LondonFrom Elliot Schwartz: The piece is a two-movement work for solo violin, called "Jefferson Cadenza: Soliloquy and Remembrance," and it was completed this summer. It's intended to do double-duty: (1) to function as the cadenzas for my Chamber Concerto VI, one for the 2nd movement & one for the 4th, and to stand alone as a recital piece for solo violin.

Peter Sheppard Skaerved premiered it at the Blair School of Music (Vanderbilt University, Nashville TN) September 18th. And he'll be performing it again at the National Portrait Gallery, London, as part of his "Only Connect" series. The concerts in this series are held in different gallery rooms, with the pieces related to portraits on the wall. My Jefferson piece is connected to the portrait of Mariah Cosway, who was Thomas Jefferson's love during his tenure as ambassador in Paris. (Really, I'm not making this up!)

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