Double CD on the British LTM label celebrates French and American Avant-Garde, release date Oct. 14

Dane Rudhyar's important place in 20th-century American music has been recognized more and more in recent years; e.g., a full chapter in Carol Oja's Making Music Modern (Oxford, 2003). And now, via two anthologies of modernist luminaries on the British LTM label, his remarkable music is readily available to European audiences. Recordings of his Tetragrams, by ACA composer-pianist Richard Cameron-Wolfe, are included in The French Avant-Garde in the 20th Century (LTMCD 2571) and The American Avant-Garde in the 20th Century (LTMCD 2579). The release date for both anthologies is October 14 and they can be pre-ordered at Amazon and several other websites.