Composers Recordings, Inc. LP Catalog Now Being Made Available by New World Records

For Immediate Release                                                       February 2010

Composers Recordings, Inc. LP Catalog Now Being Made Available by New World Records

First Batch of Unissued CRI LPs Now Available as On-demand CD-Rs

Fulfilling its promise to make the entire CRI catalog available again, New World Records is pleased to announce the availability of the first batch of digitized CRI LPs as premium-quality on-demand CD-Rs, including the original liner notes. Twenty titles, including music by Charles Amirkhanian, Jack Beeson, Easley Blackwood, Julian Carrillo, Theodore Chanler, Mario Davidovsky, Robert Erickson, Ben Johnston, Kenneth Gaburo, John Melby, Quincy Porter, Vladimir Ussachevsky, and Robert Ward comprise the first set of releases, with approximately 15-20 titles expected to be added each month. The goal is to have the entire unissued LP catalog of some 400 titles available by the middle of next year. All titles have been carefully transferred from the original tapes but have not been remastered—i.e. they are “flat” transfers. The original LP catalog numbers have been maintained and will simply be preceded by the prefix NWCRL to distinguish them from the CRI titles that were previously issued on CD.

CRI (Composers Recordings, Inc.), a non-profit label devoted to works by American composers, was founded in 1954 by composers Otto Luening and Douglas Moore, and Oliver Daniel of BMI. Dedicated to the promotion of new music by American composers, CRI issued more than 800 recordings over its forty-nine year history. Ownership of the CRI catalog was assumed by New World Records in 2006.

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