Cameron-Wolfe's HERETIC at the "Days of New Music" Festival - December 18, 2012, in Kharkov, Ukraine

Sergey GorkushaSergey GorkushaYoung virtuoso guitarist Sergey Gorkusha performed Richard Cameron-Wolfe's forbiddingly difficult "Heretic" during the festival, which took place in the Chamber Hall of the Kharkov National University of the Arts - displaying formidable technical command of his instrument while singing, speaking, rapping, manically moving around the hall, and confronting the audience. One observer remarked that Gorkusha's performance was a powerful example of Antonin Artaud's "Theatre of Cruelty". Cameron-Wolfe plans to bring the artist to New York in 2013, to perform and record the "Heretic".

"Days of New Music. Kharkov 2012"
18.12 Tuesday-13: 00 (Chamber Hall)

International Youth Project:

Forum for Young Composers and Performers.

Objectives of the project - the presentation of new works in the field of contemporary classical music, and strengthening cultural relations and exchange of professional experience.

Location: Kharkov National University of Fine Arts named after I.P. Kotlyar, 11/13 Constitution Square, Kharkiv, Ukraine.

Concert Program of young performers ХНУИ:

1.Elena Kamchatnaya - V. Bibik. Prelude and Fugue № 5 of Notebook I;
2.Kirill Timofeev - E. Denisov. Sonata for clarinet solo;
3. «Kharkov Guitar Quartet»: Maxim Tryanov Irina Polovinka Sergey Gorkusha, Andrei Bragin - Daniel Kessner. «Reverberance»;
4.Anna Pershina and Tatiana Konokhova - Paul Hindemith. Part III of the Sonata for Viola and Piano;
5.Maksim Shadko - Pierre Boulez. "12 Notations" for piano;
6.Denis Mosyazhenko and Marina Koroleva - I. Pauer. "Trompetina" for trumpet and piano;
7.Sergey Gorkusha - R. Cameron-Wolfe. Mono-opera "Heretic" for solo guitar;
8.Marina Koroleva - Rodion Shchedrin-M. Pletnev. "Horse Races" from the ballet "Anna Karenina."