Allmusic reviewer favors Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy's "Undertow"

The Society for Composers, Inc., celebrates the 25-year anniversary of its compilation album series through the release of Mosaic, a CD compilation on the Navona Records label, with music by Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy, Sally Reid, Tasos Stylianou, Stephen Yip, and others. Allmusic's review excerpt:

"It's not a contest, but the best piece on the disc appears to be Undertow, a duet for violin and piano by Margaret Fairlie-Kennedy. Fairlie-Kennedy has a long career as a composer and apparently began utilizing serialism early but ran into a wall with it and spent some two decades in silence. When she resumed, it was with a looser application of her technique; this piece is still technically very solid, yet it is a dazzling, complex work that moves in a single-minded direction and has a definitive impact." See full review here.