Piece for Five Octave Keyboard


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Piece for Five Octave Keyboard

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piano or synthesizer

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This work, composed in 1986, is intended to be performed by a live player at a five-octave electronic keyboard. Such keyboards at the time, included the Yamaha DX-7, as well as others including Korg DX-8000 and many others. The timbre of the sounds should resemble a piano, but much leeway is allowed. Some timbral differentiation should be made within each octave (from C to C). The envelope of the sounds also resemble a piano, but is altered so that the decays are somewhat longer, allowing the sounds to mingle with other tones as they die out. Finally, some detuning of the partials is used, which creates a more ringing effect in the high registers. Early performances of this piece were done on the VAX computer at Queens College Computer Center.


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solo keyboard
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