Passing Through


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$30.00 set of 3 scores

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5-octave Marimba (three players)

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52. Keeping Still
11. Passing Through
21. Bite and Crack - 12. Obstruction
43. Deciding - 48. The Well
22. Beautifying
57. Penetration - 36. Wounded Brightness



First Performance: 

November 1, 2012

Passing Through is a work for marimba (three players) and computer-genreated sound (recorded or in real time via laptop computer). This piece was a collaborative effort with composer Stan Link, conceived as an homage to composer John Cage's ideas of indeterminacy in music. The two of us worked independantly from each other, neither knowing exactly what the other was doing, or had done, until the premiere. The marimba pieces (Slayton) and the computer-generated soundscapes to accompany them (Link) coexist as separate entities, tied together only through the singularity of the philosophical concept. That being said, the marimba work (listed here) may be performed seprately. To obtain a recording of the computer music, please inquire with ACA, or contact me directly.

Ensemble Type: 

solo audio or video fixed media
solo instrument(s) featured+ens 3 to 6 players
percussion featured

This work was commissioned by Percussion VORTEX (Nashville, TN) for their 2012 John Cage tribute concert. In honor of the intensely significant collaboration between Cage and Merce Cunningham, many elements of this work are intentionally theatrical, asking the three players to fluidly and dramatically move around the single marimba, as in a dance.  

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marimba 5 octave
electronic or computer live sound
laptop computer
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