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Car radios

Instrumentation : 

Automobile orchestra

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First Performance: 

"ReinCARnation" for automobile orchestra, April 24, 2012, University of Maine at Farmington

Cars can be arranged in "choir" groups, with the radio station signal for each group to be determined in advance. The participants perform by operating the controls of the car's radio and also lightly use the car horn at the conclusion.

Review excerpt from Upcyling Radio - Das Kraftfahrzeugplatzkonzert -  RadioFabrik (2015): 

"From American Phil Carlsen...The acoustic variable use of radio signals in concert...about 100 cars are parked distributed so that the audience can comfortably between cars and thus wander amid the soundscape. The contributors are friends and supporters of this action and are instructed by "security" staff on the marked parking spaces. The acoustic sound is carried out exclusively via the radio in the car...Some motorists used megaphones. The volume of the event is limited by the capability of the auto's speakers. The effect that we expect: soundscape, swarm hearing, the hum of the parked cars..."



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live audio interactive solo or+voice(s) or instruments
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