LONESOME DOVE - a true story (for tenor saxophone, dancer, and stagehand)


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$29.95 scores and instructions for performance

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Instrumentation : 

Bb tenor saxophone, Dancer, Stagehand

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I. Looking for Love
II. My Onan Only
III. I/Thou...why now?

First Performance: 

March 4, 1992 - James McElwaine (saxophone), Meg Wolfe (dancer); Purchase College - SUNY

A micro-opera for three "characters": Dove (saxophonist), Watcher (dancer), and Portable Darkness (stage-hand).

The saxophonist's musical vocabulary alternates between  spontaneous, jazz-inflected phrases and abstract, quasi-minimalist patterns - linked by the sound of footsteps, as the performer moves from side to side across the stage.

Ensemble Type: 

solo instrumental (non-keyboard)

commissioned by Jim McElwaine

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tenor saxophone
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