TRIBUTE for eight trumpets


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$39 score, set of parts
$24 set of parts only; $19 score only

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Instrumentation : 

2flg, 2Bbtpt, 2Ctpt, 2Dtpt

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Ensemble Type: 

brass featured

Composer's note: Tribute (2009) was composed to celebrate the career of David Greenhoe, Professor of Music, University of Iowa School of Music.

I received an invitation from former students and colleagues of David and decided to construct the piece using the old technique of soggetto cavato where pitches are extracted from David’s name (D-A-D-G-E-E-B(H)).  Virtually all of the material in the piece is derived from this source.

The premiere was conducted by Bennett Lentczner in Iowa City, Iowa on April 17, 2009.

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