Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

6tet 1: 3tpt, 3cor; 6tet 2: 4hn, 2bar; 6tet 3: 4tbn, 2tba

Duration (min): 




First Performance: 

April 3, 1971 - School of Music, Western Michigan University - Annual Spring Wind Conference

An antiphonal work for 18 brass instruments divided into 3 sextets. The sextets are seperated spatially in a circular fashion in the performance area. The work employs numerous extended performance techniques, 4 kinds of mute, and some graphic and proportional notation. The work is a kaleidoscopic progression of changing timbres and gestures, and ends in a wild frenzy of expanding glissandi, performed employing only the mouthpieces of the instruments. Difficult- a conductor must be used. Suitable for college brass ensembles.

Ensemble Type: 

brass featured

The writing of this work was supported by an MTNA Composer Grant.

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