Dodge at Mann Gulch


Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

for B-flat clarinet, electronic sound and video

Text Source/Author: 

MacLean, Norman, Young Men and Fire, The University of Chicago Press, c 1992. Used with permission.

Program note:
The text seen in the video accompanying the performer and
electronic sound in this piece includes a few sentences from chapters 3
and 5 of Norman MacLean’s book Young Men and Fire. That work
describes the happenings on August 5, 1949 in Montana during the
Mann Gulch fire that killed 12 firefighters who had parachuted into
the wilderness. On that day, crew chief Wag Dodge was able to set an
escape fire so that the main forest fire could wash over him while he
lay in the ashes. Dodge was not able to convince any others in the
crew to go into the area of the escape fire.

Ensemble Type: 

solo audio or video fixed media
featured soloist
solo or ensemble + video or image projection
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tape (audio) fixed media
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