MAKING A WISH from "Dandelion Seeds"


Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

free improvisation - piano

Duration (min): 


Composer's note:  I was already an established composer and a double bassist with Phoenix Symphony when I was introduced to the solo piano improvisation of Keith Jarrett in the mid-1970's. I had improvised with rock and jazz bands and used improvisation in my compositions, but the quality of Jarrett's music was beyond what I had thought possible. It had contrast, variety, tremendous imagination and, yet, structural integrity. The music was solid enough to have been composed, but it obviously wasn't; it was too spontaneous and free. This mind-expanding experience triggered a life-long preoccupation with free improvisation that has also influenced my composition, in one way or another, ever since. More listening excerpts here.

Ensemble Type: 

solo keyboard

Listening Sample: 

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