WHIRLIGIGS for saxophone quartet


Year Authored (or revised): 


Instrumentation : 

sax 4tet: satbar

Duration (min): 


First Performance: 

Arizona State University, March 2004

While diddling around on another project, I happened upon the opening gesture of Whirligigs. I spent some time with the new motive, but soon realized that it would not fit the piece at hand. The close-knit harmonies and counterpoint reminded me of saxophone sections from the Big Band Era. The idea developed further into an intricately woven imitative counterpoint. This exciting new texture brought to mind a new image: a field of whirling gizmos, frantically spinning in a strong breeze. Whirligigs was born from these basic elements.

Ensemble Type: 

instrumental quartet
Internal Fields


soprano saxophone
alto saxophone
tenor saxophone
baritone saxophone
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