Quartet for Piano and Strings


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Piano Quartet

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$39 score, set of parts

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Instrumentation : 

vn, va, vc, pno

Duration (min): 



Dramatic and decisive
Very slow and expressive
Quite fast (Scherzo/Trio/Scherzo da capo
Very slow (reprise of II)


Centaur CRC 2103

First Performance: 

Eliza Garth "with strings," Merkin Hall, New York, NY, Feb 1986


  • "It is an engaging piece -- well planned, succinct, warmly felt, and decisively written."  (Andrew Porter, The New Yorker)
  • "First off Tuesday was a Piano Quartet by David Froom that spoke out with musical ideas of substance, feeling and character.  An arresting cello theme launched the piece with urgency.  From then on, through four movements, Froom's music took on its materials cogently and fresh, with a persistently renewing rhythmic impetus.  There is a warmly expressive slow movement, a potent Scherzo and a slow last movement readdressing what has gone before in a satisfying reflection.  The writing for the piano, violin, viola and cello was imaginative and sounded new but unforced.  This is a work to live with and savor again."  (Robert Commanday, The San Francisco Chronicle)   
  • "I've enjoyed this work through many listenings -- it's a beauty of a piece."  (Scott Wheeler, Fanfare Magazine)





Ensemble Type: 

duo or ensemble+ keyboard
instrumental quartet

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