Piano Sonata


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Instrumentation : 

Piano solo

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Maestoso; Agitato
Adagio e molto cantabile
Presto possibile


Eliza Garth, Centaur CRC 2103

First Performance: 

1981, Columbia University
  • "David Froom's sonata is a charged and clangorous work, intensely dramatic yet deeply formal. . . It has a truculent romanticism and a hard passion, and made a strong first impression.  It will be good to hear it again."  Tim Page, The New York Times, October 1, 1985
  • "It's a work that starts big, and stays big, almost without letup, throughout the excited first movement.  In the quiet, thoughtful second movement, dissonances are used in the service of exquisite feeling . . . The finale seems to be running as fast as it can, with a brief pause to hark back to the mood of the second movement before taking off again to a finish in climactic octaves, as if to recall the octaves with which the work began."  William Glackin, The Sacramento Bee, November 14, 1991
  • ". . . a late entry in the century's long list of big, rhetorical, dissonant Statements for piano . . . Froom has an inventive mind and a complete compositional arsenal, fully deployed in this piece.  Scott Wheeler, Fanfare Magazine, March/April 1992


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solo keyboard

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