The Masters on the Movies


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The Masters on the Movies

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a cappella chorus (with optional actors)

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1. Now, Voyager
2. Lost Horizon
3. Queen Christina

Text Source/Author: 

The Masters on the Movies' by Richard Howard

First Performance: 

Cantori, Hobart & William Smith Colleges, April 23, 2006

Three dramatic fantasies for a cappella chorus. After the poem by Pulitzer-Prize poet Richard Howard. (1) Henry James on "Now, Voyager", in 1885, the year his The Bostonians is published. (2) Joseph Conrad on "Lost Horizon", in 1907, the year The Secret Agent is published. (3) Willa Cather on "Queen Christina", after a 2nd version of her "A Lost Lady" was made and Barbara Stanwyck given an affair with an aviator.

Ensemble Type: 

choral a cappella
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chorus mixed (SATB)
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