"This primordial, threatening noise..."


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orchestral winds and brass

Instrumentation : 

3fl, 2ob, EH, 3cl, 3bn (III dbl. cbn), 4hn, 3tp, 3tb, tba

First Performance: 

Arizona State University, 2009

“This primordial, threatening noise…” was commissioned a program that also included Stravinsky’s Symphonies of Wind Instruments and Kancheli’s Magnum Ignotum. Like those two pieces, my work also takes a sacred musical tradition then obscures and abstracts via the compositional process. In this case the hymn tune Nearer, my God, to thee is chopped up, reordered, reharmonized, and otherwise subverted until it is barely discernible.

Ensemble Type: 

chamber orchestra
wind ensemble
brass featured
woodwinds featured

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