Learnèd Lullabies for High Voice and Guitar


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high voice and guitar

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1. Cradle Song (What Does Little Birdie Say)
2. The Land of Nod
3. The White Seal's Lullaby
4. Cradle Song (Sleep, Sleep, Beauty Bright)
5. Japanese Lullaby
6. The Sandman
7. Lullaby of an Infant Chief

Text Source/Author: 

1. Alfred Lord Tennyson; 2. Robert Louis Stevenson; 3. Rudyard Kipling. 4. William Blake; 5. Eugene Field (1850-1895); 6. Margaret Thomson Janvier (1844-1913); 7. Sir Walter Scott.

Lullaby no. 1 was written (and never before published) for use by composer and his spouse on the birth of their child. Family members not musically trained were able to learn the tune by rote with positive desired results. Numbers 2-7 are newly composed. All songs have been given instrumental accompaniments suitable for pubic concert performance.

Ensemble Type: 

voice(s)+ 1 inst or tape playback non-keyboard

Vocal range:

Songs 1 and 7: E4 to F#5

Songs 2 and 4: F#4 to G#5.

Song 3: D4 to F#5

Song 5: D#4 to F#5

Song 6: E4 to G#5.

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High Voice
guitar acoustic classical
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